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I get it, we live busy lives and we are constantly bombarded with opportunities like jobs, school, events, activities, and friends that keep us on the go and often dis-connected from our families. Even we are together there are things working hard to keep us apart like technology, chores, and other at home responsibilities.  The lack of significant time together as a family can become a problem and I would like to offer you a way to help your family connect more.  This solution is not the end all be all of solutions, but it does provide a fairly simple and easy remedy.  This is simply one solution I want to offer to help you solve this problem in your family.

Eat dinner together.  The goal is to do this every night, but I know eating dinner together can be hard to do, especially when you are not in the habit of already doing so.  Start with one night a week.  Put dinner on the calendar and say no to all other invitations and distractions on that night.  Make dinner night special, important and a grand family night.

Once you have figured out how to eat together one night a week, add another night to the calendar.  Keep doing this until you can knock out five to seven nights a week.

How will eating together help your family stay connected?

We have found this is a simple way to take a break from the crazy of life, and just be together.  We don’t allow cell phones, or other distractions at the table, so eating together is really an opportunity to connect.  We talk about what happened during the day, share stories or funny things we hear, discuss current events



One of the more important benefits is simply to have time to check in with each other at the end of a busy day.  Another benefit is  slowing down to eat a home cooked meal.  If eating around a table is not a regular part of your families routine send me an e-mail at luke.ankeny@gmail.com and I can give you some simple tips and advice to get your family started.

“Preparing and eating dinner together at least twice a week will do wonders for the happiness of your tribe.” ~ Laws Of Modern Man

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