“Life With Luke”, like me, is a work in progress.  Instead of waiting to begin before all of my ideas are formulated and set, I am moving forward with flexibility and the willingness to change as needed.

The purpose of “Life with Luke” is to Connect, Learn, Share, and Grow.

I’ll explain.

Connect: We need each other, we can’t go through life on our own.  We need to be in relationships with other people for support and encouragement.

Learn: I believe we all need to be life long learners.  As we study and education ourselves our lives are enriched and improved.

Share: I am a firm believer that if we learn something we are not supposed to keep what we learn to ourselves.  One of the reasons we learn is to benefit other people.  As we share, we help others and we contribute to society in a positive way.

Grow: We are not meant to live stagnant and complacent lives.  As we connect, learn, and share the result has to be personal growth, and a positive impact on those around us.

Through connection, learning, sharing, and growth “Life with Luke” exists to encourage all people to be their own best selves while living fulfilling, meaningful, successful, and purposeful lives.

As I connect with people and learn I feel a responsibility to share with other people the things I am experiencing and learning.  Through sharing, connecting, and learning, I grow.  This is the reason I am doing this, as a creative outlet, because I feel like I am supposed to and because I want to help others as I journey through life.

 “Life With Luke” focuses on the following themes, but is not limited to them, as we pursue being the best version of ourselves we can be:


Health and Wellness. Including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational.

Family and Parenting

Self-Care and Self-Restoration


Following Jesus

Business, Entrepreneurship, and Careers

Life stories

Helping others

Luke is in his early 40’s, married to his bride of 21 years, and the father of three teenage sons.  He lives in Southern Idaho and shares out of his past and current experiences and  education.  His desire is for everyone to passionately pursue the purpose God has for them, and to be their own best self.