3.8.2020 ~ What’s Been Working for Me

I have found as I read books and listen to speakers about personal growth, success, self-help, organization, etc., that although the wording might be different the concepts are very similar.  I’m learning, this similarity is okay with me, as I’m constantly reading the same types of messages and the familiarity of them is finally starting to sink in.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had a of change of heart and desire when it comes to my side projects, like this web-site, and my health and wellness business.  While, I know what has triggered my desire and activity to do more, I also know I wouldn’t be as productive without the help of books I have read recently and over the years.

Lately, I have been consistent on some daily practices I would like to share with you.  These came out of the book THE SLIGHT EDGE: TURNING SIMPLE DISCIPLINES INTO MASSIVE SUCCESS & HAPPINESS  By Jeff Olson, and I have read similar ideas in other books as well.

Here has what been working for me …

In the morning:

  1. Write down three things I am grateful for.  I have a notebook with Volkswagen vans on it that I use for this activity.  My mom gave me the notebook for last year, and my first car was a Volkswagen van, so I like the notebook.  I write my entries in cursive and focus on things from the day before I am grateful for.  They are usually pretty simple things, and I find my outlook on life is much more positive, and throughout the day I am much more grateful.
  2. Read a chapter from my Bible.  I usually alternate monthly between a book in the New Testament and the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament.  I read from the New Testament because the books tell the stories of Jesus and His early followers, and the stories are a good reminder for me on how I am to live my life.  I read from the book of Proverbs because there is so much wisdom in this book.  Every time I read through Proverbs I gain new insight I can apply to my life each day.
  3. Read 10 pages from a helpful book.  Sometimes I read more than 10 pages, but 10 pages is my goal.  If I can keep up this pace I can read 3650 pages in a year, which is quite a few books, and learn a whole lot in the process.  The types of books I read are the books I have already mentioned.  They are very helpful as I improve myself, my business, and my life.
  4. Pray.  I have some index cards I keep in my Bible with specific things I prayer for everyday, and then have a spot for prayer needs that are out of the ordinary.

During the Day and Evening …

  1.  Listen to Podcasts.  I have a short commute, but I have to drive around quite a bit for work.  Instead of listening to the radio all of the time I listen to Podcasts.  The Podcasts I like are helpful and encouraging in my life, business, faith, and interests.  I try to listen to positive or helpful messages, as opposed to negative ones, because they build me up, instead of tearing me down.
  2. Exercise.  From March of 2019 through the end of October 2019 my exercise was devoted to training for and running a marathon.  I did a workout to get myself back into shape, then I did a pre-marathon training, and then I did my marathon training.  I ran the race at the end of October, a few days after my dad passed away, and then a few days later I threw my back out.  I had not exercised after my marathon until this past week when I started walking every day.  I went through the winter coaching basketball and would run and play some with my team, but nothing of significance.   Not feeling the pull to run at the moment, I either walk during my lunch, or when I get home I take our puppy and walk for a mile or so.  I’m not running … but the activity has been very good for me.

These are the things that have been working well for me lately, and I’m committed doing them every day because the activity is good for me and makes me feel good.  If one of these things resonated with you, I invite you to try it.  If not, find activities and a routine that work for you.


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