Leap Day Messed With My Watch

Some people use their phone or a wall clock to to ensure they know what time it is.

Not me.

For some time now I have relied on a Timex Iron Man wrist watch to keep track of the time.

I know there is better technology out there, but I like to keep things simple.  After all, we are just keeping track of the time, and they used to use sand in an hour glass.

But this weekend my trusty watch did not know what to do with Leap Day.  You know, February 29, that mysterious day that only comes around once every four years.

I woke up on Saturday, and my watch claimed the date was March 1.  My problem was, I didn’t reset the date until this morning, which was really only March 2, but my watch proclaimed as March 3.

So, I reset my watch and all day I knew the date of today.  I just realized an error though as I forgot to change the day of the week, so while I knew we were on Monday, my watch thought we we were on Sunday.

And as I went to change the day of the week I found the ultimate problem, that the year on my watch was set to 2014.  With a quick change to 2020, all seems to be right with the world … at least as far as the time goes on my watch.

I can rest soundly tonight, knowing the date, year, day, and time are all correct on my wrist watch.

Sweet dreams.




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